Bravísimos is a marketing company in Seville and it is the company where I'm doing my internship.


To be honest with you, I personally don't like marketing that much. To my delight I find it really interesting what they do here. In school I only hear about the theory of marketing - all the time, but here you can actually see what people, who work in this business, do with this information.


My colleagues are very creative. They design great logos, they design websites, they even design mascots! I'm impressed. Especially because I'm not that creative. Nevertheless my boss thought it's a great idea to let me design a website for a customer of his. In Spanish - haha. He said I could use Google Translate -> that is going to be a great website guys. Well I’m doing my best anyway so I hope he is going to be satisfied with the outcome.


Let's talk about another topic: It is really cold at work. The air conditioning is turned on the whole day. I don't know how cold it is, but even the Spanish people wear their coats in the office. Like why don't they just turn it off? I must say: They're funny people. Everyone is coughing in the office, but why turn the air conditioning off when it can be so nicely cold in here? (Yes, that is sarcasm.)


However, I still like it here. It's an experience I won't get anywhere else.




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    Graham Crewe (Thursday, 19 July 2018 23:30)

    Can you take an office photo to add to the blog? Maybe of you in your winter coat �

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    Thiemmichi (Tuesday, 24 July 2018 22:54)

    Great Blog

  • #3

    Eva (Friday, 27 July 2018 09:25)

    Great blog post! I really hope you don't catch a cold tho :)


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