Brighton and the first day of work

On Sunday 28th July, Julia and I went by coach to Brighton. The journey took us about two hours. When we arrived at Brighton it was raining very hard. Luckily our host family picked us up from the coach station. They drove us through Brighton and showed us the popular places but we couldn't see much because of the rain. When we got to their house they showed us our rooms and explained the rules. Then we ate supper together and got to know each other. After supper we went straight to bed as we were really tired. 

The next day we went to Stages where we met three other students, two from Italy and one from France. I was the only one who had that day off, everyone else had to start to work at 2 pm. While others were working I took a walk through Brighton and took some great pictures. 

The next day I went to the Jennifer Hamley company. I was really nervous. When I arrived at the company I had to wait for Jennifer downstairs. And then a girl came in who was also starting to work for Jennifer Hamley. When Jennifer came she hugged me and was really kind to me. She was smiling the whole time and I got much more comfortable to talk. First we had a little talk with her and her employee Ben and then we started work. Our first task was to think of some ideas for the pictures. We did that for an hour and then we took a camera and some of the bags and scarves and went into the town. Amira, the girl who was working with me, and I were looking for cool walls in Brighton. We found a street which was full of graffiti. And that's how my first photoshotting started. We took around 350 pictures and Jennifer loved each of them. She even posted some immediately. After work Julia and I took a walk to the beach where we bought some doughnuts and churros and took some great night pictures at the Brighton Palace Pier. 

Today Amira and I were working the whole day on Instagram. We took some pictures, photoshopped them and played with the designs. Actually just tried to create pictures that will fit to the colours on Jennifer's Instagram profile. 

Until now I am really happy to be here, because I already met a lot of nice people even made some friends. I am learning a lot of new things at work and even my english skills improved. 

Amila Babajic


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