There is nowhere else like London !

For me it is hard to try new things. I have always been a shy person and this never changed, it takes some time for me to settle in and to handle new things.

When I noticed, I need to change something, I just should live the life I want to, I took this opportunity. I decided I will go to another country to gain experience, to improve my self-confidence and to learn a lot about another country.

That is when the project started, thankfully our teacher worked hard for us to have the chance to work abroad for four weeks. We planned all details and had to do a lot of paper work. But it will be worth it, because we will gain experience not everyone has the chance to.

Our journey should have started on 27th July 2018 but four hours before we should leave for the airport we got a message that our flight had been cancelled. This was the first thing that went wrong and made us worry a lot because we booked a hotel in London where we wanted to stay during the weekend to do some sightseeing. So, I had to rush to the airport to rebook the flight. The next possible flight was Saturday morning. We also had to inform the hotel that we would arrive the next day. We were glad that we could sort that out easily and started our journey on Saturday morning. When we arrived in London Heathrow Airport we had to get a train to London and then the underground to our hotel, which is located near the London Eye. The only problem we had then was that the train ticket was expensive like hell, we were shocked. Our hotel room was small but cute and totally fine for one night. Right after we arrived at the hotel we decided to do some sightseeing. We went to the Sea Life Aquarium which also was not cheap. After that we went to Westminster, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Green Park and Oxford Street.

Because we did not want to waste time, we walked a lot to see everything we wanted to see. That made us tired and we got exhausted. Because of that we straight went back to the hotel after Oxford Street to take a shower and go to bed.

I must admit that it was tough at the beginning, I got a little bit homesick when I thought how long we are going to stay here but it will get better.

On Sunday, we went to have breakfast in a café right next to our hotel. We went there quite early because we wanted to do some sightseeing before we must go to Brighton. After Breakfast, we went to the Tower of London and Tower Bridge which was terrible because it was pouring and we could not even hold on to our umbrellas. We decided because of the horrible weather to go shopping for a little bit. After that we went back to the hotel, collected our suitcases and took the underground to the bus station. We went there a little bit earlier than needed, luckily, because when we arrived there they told us that we must take the underground again to go to another bus station. So we had to hurry and run through the underground. We were really exhausted when we arrived at the bus station where we also found out that the bus was late. 

It was a wobbly start but it is totally worth it! 

by Julia

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    Graham Crewe (Wednesday, 01 August 2018 22:35)

    It really sounds like a wobbly and unlucky start but it will be worth it!
    Our must have taken the Heathrow Express into London. That’s really expensive. Coaches are so much cheaper. You know that now!
    Thanks for a great blog post, Julia


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