Do not hide your Pride

It is all about love. Sharing and Caring about other human beings and showing love to everyone no matter who they are. A lot of people forget about it and take love for granted. Especially when someone is just a little bit different like different religion, skin colour, they dress differently or have different interests, people get cruel and judge a lot about other people. It is like everyone wants to be accepted and loved the way they are but they do not treat people the same and then they wonder why they get treated the same way they treat people. Everything you give to someone you will get back. If you do good things and spread love you will get it back, probably even better.

Love, that is why this Festival took place. So people can be themselves and behave the way they want without getting judged or barred. You can dress however you want, you can show your beliefs and show love to everyone. Showing love to everyone is the most important thing, so everyone feels the same and everyone is integrated. 

There is a parade like at carnival and there are thousands of people, there is loud music and everyone is in a good mood. Being happy and having fun is the biggest part of it, everyone is together and shows love to everyone, no one gets barred. 

I did not even know about this festival, my Hostdad told us about it and also my colleagues. They told us to go there and have a great time. That is when Amila and I decided to go there, we met there with some other friends we made and we met a lot of other people too. Everyone was friendly and kind and it was just like we had known each other for months. We had so much fun and it was definitely worth it even though we got terribly sunburnt and were completely exhausted afterwards.

If everyone would just be a little bit more caring and judging less, that would make a big difference. Stop judging and give love to other people it will make other people happy and it makes you feel much better.


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    Graham Crewe (Wednesday, 15 August 2018 00:16)

    I love it, and I love your opinion. Who cares how people are? Just be nice to them!


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