Lucky us!

Staying at a foreign house for four weeks is weird at first. I was scared how it will be and how the family will be. But Amila and I are really lucky. We arranged with our host family that we would arrive late on Sunday evening so they were kind to collect us from the bus stop. We were standing there hiding from the rain and terrible wind when our host-dad came towards us with a sun hat, waving to us and the biggest smile ever. They were immediately friendly and open-minded, they started talking to us and asking questions  to get to know us better. When we arrived at their house, we went in with our heavy suitcases and they showed us the house.

It is a lovely house, it is old but absolutely clean and really nicely furnished. We dragged our suitcases upstairs to our room. Each of us has their own room with obviously a bed, a desk, a closet, a lot of books and an armchair. After the house tour we had dinner, and then we went like straight to bed because we were really tired and we had to get up early for our first work day.


Our host-mom is called Hannah, she is an author and still works hard in her office in the loft, and our host-dad’s name is John. He is an actor and has performed like everywhere in the world. He showed us one of his current works were he acts in a music video of a friend of his son. They have two children but they both have already moved out. Their daughter lives in London where they visit her quite often and they like to go to the theatre together and their son is currently travelling the world.

They prepare breakfast for us everyday, they also asked us what we like to eat. After breakfast we clean the table and go to work. On the weekend they leave the breakfast out as long as we want so we can sleep in. Both of us, Amila and I get back from work at about 5.30. We have supper at 7 o'clock every day, which is always delicious because John is a very good cook and also very lovely because we talk to them a lot and we also played Uno several times. Our host-mom changes our sheets and towels every Monday and we are allowed to wash two loads of clothes per week which is absolutely fine. 

Amila and I are very lucky, they are such a nice family and we are improving our English a lot. We have heard horrible stories from the people we met here about their host families, that is why we appreciate Hannah and John so much. Both of us will be very sad when we have to leave them.


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