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So many new things at once. Everything is different and I have already learnt a lot of new things in my first days in Brghton. On the first day we had a meeting at Stages, the Agency we are here with. They were very friendly and told us every important detail we need to know. We also met some people there from France and Italy. Right after our meeting we had to start work. I was nervous like I have never been before.  But they are such friendly, kind and helpful people at WCA. I was introduced to everyone immediately. The first week of work was so exciting and interesting. I learned a lot about their organisation and already did some important work for them. They always tell me how glad they are that I am here and that I help them a lot because they really need the help.

As much as I like the work I have to do, it helps me a lot to improve my English and I also need some skills from school which is really interesting. I often have to do some research for them, to collect information they need for their work but I also have to translate things from English to German. On Wednesday we went down to the pier to do some dolphin watching because more and more people come in to tell us they have seen dolphins and there might be a few down here in Brighton but unfortunately we could not see them this time.  I also had to help them with a very important project they are working on at the moment, because they work with Thomas Cook together to get more responsibility from whale watching companies around the whole world.

Friday was kind of a sad day but I also had a great time. One of the volunteers in the office had her last day. They brought some cake and also some sparkling wine to see her off. We had a lovely talk and also one of my colleagues brought her puppy. The puppy was very cute and so well-behaved all the time, everyone got distracted by her.

I have gained a lot of experience already in the first week and also learned a lot. Also this charity, the World Cetacean Alliance does a great job at what they are doing, they are all caring people and they work so hard.


The Office, small but comfortable
The Office, small but comfortable

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