Spooky weather (sweating my pants off)

What would you take with you if you go to London? I also asked myself that question before I started my adventure. Because of stories I had heard and experience I had had I brought a winter jacket, a scarf, a raincoat, an umbrella and things like this with me. 

I wasn’t able to able to take my bathing clothes and a lot of short trousers and summer clothes with me because of the struggle I had with the weight of my package. I thought: Who needs things like that in Britain where the average temperature all year is around 12 degrees. It turned out to be the wrong thoughts and decision. 

When I arrived in London I was wearing all the jackets I had brought (to save weight). The guy who took me to my accommodation told me that it had always been about 30 degrees for a month before I arrived. That weather trend continued and even reached extremes. The temperatures soared to around 40 degree at a maximum and the highest ever recorded temperature of Britain was beaten. 

This has a lot of disadvantages. All the grass in the park is burnt and there is also a ban on barbecueing in the parks. The firefighters have had to do their job a lot of times now...

Another disadvantage is that you can’t go by tube and especially on the Central Line anymore. During rush hour thousand of people are squeezed into the trains, like if the hot temperatures wouldn´t be enough. The Evening Standard wrote that the temperatures on the central line were around 45 degrees which is and feels like a sauna. This is because of the missing air conditioning in the old trains. 

Fortunately the weather report promises rain and cold weather soon. I don´t know how my classmates and friends in Spain are able to survive.

The London Eye for £40. I think that’s too much. In my next blog you will hear something about amazing views on a budget. 

I hope to hear from you soon.


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