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During the week I had a lot of fun at work. I had to write my first blog for the company website about the five ways how to style your handbag with a silk scarf. At the end of the blog you can find the videos explaning the five ways. If you want to see the slower explanation please visit this link https://jenniferhamley.com/blogs/blog/5-ways-of-styling-your-handbag-strap


I was also able to use my acting skills in some of the videos we did for the stories on Instagram. Furthermore I had a lot of fun with my boss and my colleagues. We did some videos trying some of the filters on snapchat for the stories on Instagram and I had a lot of fun doing it. (Watch the videos 😊)


On Thursday Amira and I went to Jennifer's house where she had a lot of bag stock. Together with Jennifer and her husband Ben we went through all the bags. We took the measurements of each of the bags and polished the bags with the leather care. They prepared a lunch for all of us and we had a strange way of saying "cheers" (watch the video 😄). We prepared everything for the Facebook Live Sales. After we finished I had my second photoshoot in their garden. I love the part where I had to pose on the trampoline because it was really funny. I had so much fun that day. 


On Friday Julia and I tried Mexican food at Taco Bell which is a popular American chain. I can recommend everyone to eat there if they come to Brighton. It was really delicious.


On Sunday we tried some cupcakes and cakes at Cloud 9 and took a walk. We also took a picture in front of a really cool building called the Pavilion. 


In the evening our host dad showed us a music video in which he acted a month ago. The singer is his son's friend. Please listen to the song and watch the music video under this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCMI6O8LDqg 


P.S. On Monday I also wrote two other blogs, one about the Facebook Live Sales and the other on how to carry your bag to protect your back.


See this link https://jenniferhamley.com/blogs/blog/live-sale to read about the Facebook Live Sales the other blog is still not published but you can watch the video below to see how it looks. 



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