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Plaza de España
Plaza de España

Is there a way of surviving without mobile data? Since I had to deal with this problem on my first day in combination with not knowing which bus stop to choose, I can proudly announce that it is indeed possible. You could say the three hour walk and orientation made possible by car signs is quite annoying, but I personally see it as an opportunity to explore and find secret spots in a city like Seville.


My first four non-working days were filled with long walks, a visit to a big water park and some sightseeing, which also originated from not knowing how to get somewhere. This one turned out especially lucky, since we failed to find the bridge that leads to an old part of Seville (Triana), we got to witness a film crew shooting intros for “Got talent España” (obviously a not too creative copy of "Britain's got Talent") for a magician and a group of drummers with more than 50 members and also Silvio and I managed to take the picture for this Blog. 


On Monday after meeting up with ONECO I straight away started working the same day. At the moment I've only been working for one week, but till now it probably is one of the most thrilling work experiences I've ever had. Everyone is incredibly nice and even when I have troubles understanding anything, which doesn’t happen too rarely, my supervisors show a lot of patience and humour.


Therefore big up to Carlos for being the most chill boss and also to cash converter near our accommodation for hooking me up with some great deals on a second hand bike and some old records. 


For me personally cycling is by far the most enjoyable mode of transportation just speed-wise, but it is also incredibly easy to explore and get to see sights that aren't easily reachable. That being said I'm already looking forward to everything happening in the next few weeks.



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