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Brave adventurer Manu got to know his new environment and had to face all sorts of navigation and language challenges.

Let's see what happens next.


The first noteworthy thing that happened is the loss of a fellow Erasmus student, but you could say he's in a better place now (back in Portugal). This is especially sad for me since he seemed like a very cool guy to hang out with and also some of our interests matched pretty well. However I feel like being on your own helps you improve your skills far more than having someone to help you out whenever you're not able to communicate appropriately or just don't understand something.


Another thing I was super-thrilled about was flea markets, mainly because of the great 2nd hand culture in Seville, which can be seen in a variety of 2nd hand stores, cash converters.... After arriving late, the first time and being left with only two stands selling underwear I decided to try it another day, while Sarah and Jenny participated in a "free walking tour". Well, the first time I kinda got that the parts of the city the markets are at, aren't the most wealthy ones, but the second time where I actually got a chance to have a look at all the goods that were selling, I realized that these kind of markets aren't for finding cool and unique clothes, but actually for people who can't afford clothes from regular or second hand stores. It seems kinda obvious that these sorts of areas exist in every city, but coming from Salzburg it is something different. But the day had just begun so I decided to get some churros, which turned out to be a great idea (I only paid €1.25). You just can’t regret a decision involving churros if you ask me, maybe different for other ERASMUS students that visited Seville?!


Generally food-wise I wasn't really happy at first, even though Barbara's (guest mother) cooking is great, the Spanish food culture evolves a lot around meat and fish, which made getting food kinda hard for me. However at that time I just hadn't been introduced to the variety of "fast foods" in Seville. Especially 100 montaditos which is a chain that sells small Spanish sandwiches for about 1€/p, also called montaditos, nachos, salads and much more, found their way into my heart. Unfortunate for Jenny we gave the chain a try on her last day in Spain, meaning no more montaditos for her.

But also pizza in Sevilla is amazing. Probably not the best you'll eat in your entire life, but €5.50 for a margarita (35 cm for 1-2 people) or €8 (50 cm for 2-3 people or one really hungry Manu 😋) is definitely worth the price. Outstandingly pleasant is that almost every pizza place in Seville has the exact same price. Some would say that, illegal price agreements are a big problem for consumers, but I personally think that by having the same price you can really choose your favourite restaurant based on more important factors like taste and quality, provided the restaurants have reasonable pricing policies.


Unfortunately that's all the time we have. Make sure to tune in next time where we'll be talking about disturbing movies in summer cinemas, the best sangria in town and how to repair all the kayaks.


PS: Sorry for the poor image quality, but it’s still better than nothing. I guess.



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  • #1

    Wise old man (Saturday, 08 September 2018 22:35)

    Illegal price agreements? You must report that to the police!

  • #2

    Joe Blow (Saturday, 08 September 2018 22:38)

    I agree with Wise old man. Illegal agreements must be reported to the police immediatly.

  • #3

    AngryCiticen123 (Saturday, 08 September 2018 22:41)

    I have always known it! You can't trust Spanish people!! They only act friendly to stab you in the back!!! Charge illegally high prices on poor quality products!!!! And nowbody does something about it!!!!! Report immediatly!!!!!!


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