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We finally arrived in Brighton on Saturday. The first impression was stunning! The host-family of me and Daniel is fantastic. Our host sister is a model and our host mom is pretty cool as well - probably that's just how you are when you live in Brighton. We are accommodated in a big and modern house with a beautiful view. Daniel and I share a nice room with solid beds and sufficient space. Furthermore we'll have our own bathroom - it will be finished on Friday apparently. In addition to that we have our own fridge where we can put stuff in but there is already some fruits, deep frozen pizza etc.,chili con carne and milk in it... We definitely won't starve. 


Even though all of us boys (boys= Julian, Andi, Daniel and I.... That will spare me to write all the names each and every time :P ) were pretty exhausted we still went to explore the city and eventually discovered the Brighton Pier. As it was already around 9 p.m. people had begun to do party and drink alcohol (actually they do so all the time haha maybe I'll write more about that in the blogs), so we bought ourselves some beers and went down the beach and relaxed. It was one of the typical movie scenes where music is playing and you just think: hell yeah, we're having an awesome time. 


OK I've already written too much so.. 


Evening 1: fantastic

Evening 2: pretty much the same but this time with Nina and Annika. And I found out how the coffee machine works!!! Thank god. 


Right now I'm driving home from work because today our internship started. I work at Sprachcaffe which is basically a language school for people all around the world, usually students (I guess you know what I mean).


To be honest my first impression wasn't that good but I think it's simply because I used to have my own PC, lot of space and usually a modern office at my previous internships... I did some administrative tasks today which were a little boring and I felt a little weird.... my employer/colleagues didn't really seem to care about me haha but let's not judge the book by its cover... Today's only the first day. 


I'll write more about my work, my family and our experience in general next week so don't miss it! 


let's rock. 


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