It only takes courage!

Our great adventure began on 30 June.


Only a few days later, after our arrival from the cultural days, it was time to pack our luggage again and in less than 72 hours our one-month stay in Malta begins.

In these hours I had mixed feelings, on the one hand excited to learn and experience something new, on the other hand I am in a foreign country and live and work together with foreign people.

On the big day, my parents and sisters drove me to Munich airport, where I met Marko and Felix and then flew together to Malta.


Our flight was quite good, I overslept most of the flight.

When we landed in Malta we were already expected by a driver who was supposed to take us to our apartments. From then on, the nervousness started with me. Because Felix and Marko live almost 10 km away from me, so at the beginning I had to consider how I would be alone and with whom I would live together .




Arrived in my new home for the next four weeks, a girl from Germany was already waiting for me. Together we went to the next supermarket, because we wanted to cook something for dinner. And quite honestly, the bus trip was not as easy as in Austria. In order for the buses to stop, you have to give them a sign in time, otherwise they won't stop, and you have to wait for the next one, which usually comes half an hour or an hour later.

Therefore we have waited after our purchase over one hour for our bus home. Not so pleasant !


On Monday we had our welcome meeting in the agency, where we met the other students who are in Malta this month, most of them were Germans. At the meeting they also gave us our information for the work, surprisingly we should all be at work on Tuesday at 10am. After the meeting my roommate went to the Golden Bay, a very nice beach, but relatively far away and this bus ride was not as easy as we had hoped.

We really enjoyed the time at the beach, but we couldn't stay long, because our trip home took an hour and a half, and we had to be fit for work tomorrow. Surprising for us was the fact that in Malta it gets dark really early and fast, had we not thought so.



If you are curious about how my first working day went and the rest of my week, stay tuned and read my upcoming blog entries ;) 



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