Back in Sevilla

Yes - after one year I have made it back to Sevilla. But this time for a different reason.


Last year, March 2018, I went to Spain with school to spend a week there and get a picture of the culture we were learning about. This time I came back for work … and honestly, I didn't think I would come back that soon.


On my way here, I didn't think I would stay this calm travelling this far by myself for the first time - especially for so long. Even the fact that I would land in another city one hour away from Seville didn't freak me out. The only "bad" thing was that the train I had to take would arrive three hours after I landed and the airport in Jerez didn't really have much to offer on cafés and stores. So I ended up waiting three hours at the train station.


Once I actually arrived at San Bernando (is in Seville) and found my way to Plaza Nueva, home wasn't very far. The host family welcomed me and once I have made myself comfortable in my room, I was ready to go out and explore the city.

Thanks to the previous trip I already knew a bit about the old city. I was glad finding out that my favorite Churro restaurant was still there - I first believed that it was gone!

I love the fact that my home is in the old city of Seville. There are so many stores and restaurants around, nothing is missing. In deed, I often don't even know where to start when I go out!


My first day at work was on tuesday, since the workers at ONECO couldn't show everyone their working place on monday - we were a big group. So I was free on monday.

The first day at work was going very well, the place I work at is really great and the people are very relaxed here, although it is quite far away from the city - it takes up to a half an hour by bus to get there. To my luck I've got a companion who is also here over ONECO. He's been here for a while so he knows how everything works out here. I am really grateful for his help because else I would be so lost!


- Selma

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    Graham Crewe (Thursday, 11 July 2019 21:18)

    Great to read how it's going, Selma, and glad that you've got off to such a good start. Have fun!


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