One month as receptionist

As already mentioned in my last blog, my first working day is a Tuesday. I arrived earlier than ordered, because you never know if the bus will take you to the right place. So there I was, two minutes earlier.


So I thought to myself, what the hell, better too early than too late.



Then I introduced myself to the receptionist Alesandra and explained to her who I am and asked if I could talk to Jean Pierre.  Not a second passed when I pronounced his name he was already there.  Therefore I introduced myself to him and explained to him that I am the intern from Austria.


Then he explained to me that Alesandra would be my colleague for the next weeks and that the reception would be my workplace. Briefly, another girl, Madeleine, came along. She was also from Austria, to be exactly from Vorarlberg and went like me to the HAK.


So Alesandra explained to us how the procedure was in the hotel. After that Madeleine and I got to know each other. We told each other what we do at home, if we have any brothers or sisters and where we live in Malta and how we like it so far.


Our manager then explained to us that we could have lunch at the hotel and get something to drink at any time and we should decide which of us would do the morning shift from 9 to 15 o'clock and which would do the late shift from 14 to 20 o'clock because two at the same time would simply be too much.


Then Madeleine and I made us a weekly plan. In this week she wanted the early shift, because she would get visit and I would be the late shift which was completely in order for me.


So our first working day was just a day of getting to know each other, because we didn't really have a job and went home at 3 pm.




If you are interested in what my stay in Malta is like, stay tuned ...


And read my upcoming blogs


Sejla Omerdic


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