You need me to do what...?


I must say – this new task really makes the time go by fast. Like, the second week is already over!


Last week, my task was kind of tiring me out. Not because it was boring or anything – there was just way too much to read. I had to find companies, that are providing the same services as the company I am working at. Shouldn’t be a big problem, unless you should only find companies in one specific part of Europe while most of those you find aren’t those you NEED. However, I still somehow managed to find a good number of them.


The next task was already better – I had to TRANSLATE and send E-Mails to those found companies, offering a new software my company has built. Means I had to translate the offer into German and Bosnian. I hope I did a good job since nobody here can check it – I’m the only one here talking these languages!!


My current task isn't bad either – I have to translate their web page to German! I'm not really sure why my boss thinks this task might be boring or anything because anything that includes more work than reading is great especially if your own language skills come in use and honestly, this week I've really enjoyed my work here. I was just happy to get something different to do than I would have anywhere else.




Off work


Although there is still a lot to improve, I kind of feel like my Spanish has improved by now. I slowly understand what the people are talking about despite them talking so fast and swallowing the letter “S”. I just hope it will help me in class.


Since I’ve arrived in Seville, I’ve been walking a lot. One could say I’ve easily passed more or less about 15 km by feet by now. I refuse to use the tram out of many reasons, mostly because everything I need is near my home anyways. It would be a waste of money to use the tram or the subway here if you don’t need to get somewhere quite far. There is also a lot more to see when you walk instead of passing it.


For example all these small streets I – honestly – still feel a little uncomfortable with. I’m just always scared to get lost there, hence Google maps and all that. Still, at daytime it can be great walking there. Nighttime – not so much. It’s really creepy when there’s nobody around.


Only now I realize that I probably should have brought more money with me. Not because I’m running out of it, it’s more because there is so much stuff I’d like to buy and so many places I’d like to visit yet! I’m still considering whether to go to Cádiz this weekend or maybe somewhere else. But one thing is sure – I want to see a Spanish beach before I leave!


- Selma

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    Graham Crewe (Friday, 19 July 2019 23:48)

    Love it! �
    Yes, you have to hit the beach!


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