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So – for the first time ever I've felt the Monday mood like never before. Like, really, everything that could go wrong DID go wrong.

I was still feeling a little sick from the weekend – which is the reason why I still haven't seen a beach. :|  And if that wasn’t enough I also overslept in the morning and therefore missed my bus to work. Would be that bad if the next one wasn't scheduled at 13:30 which would mean that I'd only spend one hour at work once I'd arrived. So I had to contact ONECO to send me my bosses' number since I still didn’t have it yet.


Once I had cleared this problem, I thought I could take a rest since it's all been a bit busy and I still didn't feel my best from the weekend's sickness. Then I realized that I still had a lot of things to get from the city – means, no break. Once I came back home, I only had an hour and a half to relax and cool down from the heat. Julia asked if I'd like to join her on her visit at the Real Alcázar. I said yes because I believed that it might distract me from the stress I had over the day. I don't know what made me believe this might work out…


First I went to the place I thought she meant we should meet up. Once I arrived, I couldn’t find her till I realized she was on the other side – right there where I was when I was halfway on my first destination. Means get all the way back. Then we realized that this was the exit – and we only had 45 minutes left to find the entry. Once we found it, we realized that we had to pre-pay the ticket on the internet. So we didn’t even have the chance to get in. And I mean, none of it would've been THAT bad if it wasn't about 38 degrees hot outside. I guess you can imagine how we felt once we entered the first store with air condition.


But – even though pretty much everything went wrong that day, I still can't say that I was having such a bad time. Julia and I still managed to work something out and have some fun.


I think I would’ve lost it completely if the time in Spain usually wasn’t as great as it is. Thanks for that.


- Selma


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    Graham Crewe (Wednesday, 24 July 2019 00:09)



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