So our journey to Malta began at the train station in Salzburg at about 7 o’clock. There Felix and I bought a Bayernticket to Munich, 2 hours in a plane later and we finally arrived at the airport in Malta. We got took up by our driver who drove us to our apartment in Zejtun. It’s a town with about 10.000 inhabitants. There is nothing special about Zejtun itself. One supermarket, one restaurant and one nice church as it is in every town here. The only good thing about Zejtun is its location. You can buy a bus ticket for 21 € which is valid for 7 days - even for the night shuttle in Paceville :-)


Our apartment was furnished very rustically and had thick stone walls against the heat. We have three bedrooms, each has 3 beds but right now we are just 5 boys (one Latvian and two French guys). Together we share a kitchen, a living room, a balcony and a small garden. Our roommates are really friendly. We do the shopping together, we cook together and we plan trips together. Having fellow roommates you can rely on takes away any doubts or fears.


However, the first few days at work were not that challenging. We arrived at our working place punctual, but nobody had a clue where we should work so we spent a few hours waiting till somebody decided we should work as labourer in the logistics department instead of an office. Hopefully this is just temporary.


This were our first few days in Malta. I will keep you updated.


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