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Wow I can't believe that our adventure in Brighton is about to finish. The time flies faster than I would like it to.


So, first of all Brighton is a beautiful city with friendly people from all over the world. It's never a mistake to go here as there is something for everybody. The beach and the pier offer a great opportunites for fun at the arcade or at the theme park. At night you can choose between a lot of different pubs to have a beer. Without exaggeration there is one behind every corner. The fantastic thing about Brighton is that you always get to know to new people as a result of them being very open and friendly.


We were lucky about the weather as the weather was nice every single day. What's more there came a heatwave with the highest temperatures in years. You have to imagine in the first three weeks there it was usually about 20 degrees and this increased by 10 degrees in the last week. As a result it made us going to the sea after work almost every day in our 4th week.


To come to my next point that is our host family. The family has two little children: a girl and a boy. My roommate Julian and I use to play with the two host siblings after work which made especially them a lot of fun. The only issue is the uneven garden which makes playing football much more complicated. Apropos talking about the family I have to mention the two little dogs as well as the two cats. On the one hand the dogs are lovely and just want to be cuddled. On the other hand Julian and I don't really like the cats as they annoy us in the morning. Overall, I have to say that we have a really good relation to the family and are sad to leave them so early.



Now you just read a little of my experience here in Brighton and as I know that you don't come around to come to this amazing town in the South of England I'm curious to hear about your journey in the next year.

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