Everything has its end!

Today I will probably write my last blog from Malta and travel back home with a lot of photos and memories.




The last two weeks went even faster than the first two weeks.


My flatmates were in Malta only for 3 weeks and now the question stood in the room I get new flatmates or I stay alone.I didn't find it so enthusiastic at the beginning that I stay all alone in our big apartment, but in the end it was quite good that I was still alone the last week and could rest.




My highlight of the Malta trip was definitely my 20th birthday, which I could celebrate with 3 charming girls and who made my birthday as if I was at home and not miles away from family and friends.


Another highlight was our boat trip to Gozo and the Blue Lagoons. We have never seen such blue water, which was perfect for swimming. Unfortunately we couldn't see much of Gozo because the harbour was too far away from the city. 


On the Friday before my birthday, we took photos in Sliema for my birthday. Sliema is the shopping street of Malta and it was not easy to take the perfect picture, but we made it anyway.




I’m  thankful that I was able to make this journey and thus make new friends, have new experiences and memories for my whole life. I would do it each time again on a new one, which I can tell nothing negative about my journey except some trifles. 




Sejla Omerdic


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