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Now four weeks are over and so is the internship at Sinnis. If you are not sure how long you should stay in your Erasmus+ internship next year, I recommend four weeks as it is not too short to improve your English and stuff but also not too long to have sufficient time to do other things as well.


Let's go over to the interesting part – my recap about my internship. As stated in one of my previous blogs I had to get an understanding for the type of structure for documents in my first few days. It may sound pretty easy but it isn't at all. There are a lot of different folders and files where things get collected and also are sorted by a specific criteria and the fact that Sinnis is not just one company but six under one roof has made it just more complicated. My task concentrated on getting these folders and so on in order and report what's missing. I also phoned some suppliers to get copies of invoices.

Important to mention is also that my mentor Javier explained me the company's policy to sell things and how the company gets structured. I started getting a picture of how the business at Sinnis works with a lot of background information. In my opinion it's really cool to contribute to such a big company which motivated me a lot at work.


Finally, I have to give you some insights of my part of the video. You may have heard about it but I can explain it to you. So, basically there were four candidates in Brighton chosen to act in a video about the Erasmus+ project. Important to mention is that the criteria was the sector of the company and not the student himself. Now a photographer came to work and filmed me at doing usual tasks. I was pretty uncomfortable at first but it was getting better over time. We also went through the company building to show the business and its big warehouse. Part of it was also an interview which took place in the middle of the shop of the company. Not to reveal too many details of the video I will not any more detail as you should enjoy watching it when it gets released.



Thank you Mr. Crewe for giving us the chance and supporting us to experience life abroad. It was absolutely amazing and not possible without you.

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    Graham Crewe (Saturday, 27 July 2019 23:14)

    Thanks a lot for your excellent and informative post, Andi


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