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So as mentioned before in my previous Blog, the company I'm working at is very small. On some days there are only 2 people in the office, on other days again, 8 of us. There are 2 employees that work mostly at home, so I only see them on skype when they have their daily meeting where they talk about achieved results or about weekly goals.


During my first week, my task was to translate one of the Videos about rheumatoid Arthritis into German, which was very interesting.

The following days, I mainly translated another Script about contraception.

I was even able to record my own motion capture video, where sensors are attached to your body and an avatar is representing you on the computer. It even captures your Face motions. I'm looking forward to the resultat of the video!


The second week, we had some Meetings in London which was very exciting, as I've never been to a meeting before. There, they were talking to doctors about their company and about cooperating with one of their projects.


The other day, me & two of my colleagues went to the german pharmaceutical company BAYER, to present our company to the employees in order to gain new customers. The fact that they brought me, a german intern, to a german company was very entertaining for everyone, but I only met one german guy.

They showed the interactive VR video to the people there and explained to them what they are doing. Everyone was very interested and amused, who wouldn't be from such modern technology?




To be continued...




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    Graham Crewe (Saturday, 03 August 2019 17:09)

    It seems like such a cool company. What an amazing opportunity to see a start-up business in action, and to go to sales meetings etc.


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