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This blog doesn't really have a general theme... I just want to talk about the #ersamus+ experience as a whole and I'm just sort of going of the top on this one.

It's been 4 weeks now and it felt like 2. I can't believe how fast time went by abroad and that it's already over. I have experienced so much in my time here. Not only has my English improved and I've learned loads about business and work life, I have seen some great positive personal development as well.

Being in another country for a month has taught me a lot of different things, most of wich I probably can’t even recall or are somewhat subconscious. Starting from hard skills in work life like google analytics, creative work and photography (things I have never done before) to many different personal changes like a boost in confidence or organisation, Erasmus+ has you covered. I still can't grasp how much I have gotten out of this experience.

However, it's not all about the things one learns about the world and skills that can be acquired through a programme such as this, but also about things you learn about yourself. I for one noticed that I can be very hard working and that work ethics make an enormous difference in day to day life. This might seem obvious, but it's a very important concept to understand and something that my month in Brighton has strengthened.

Overall, I would recommend anyone who has the chance to go abroad to go for it. I have no regrets and my thirst for working abroad has only grown more now. Thank you, Mr. Crewe for making this possible, it would not have been doable without all the work you put into this!

I'm very grateful for this experience and I'll be back for more in the future!

Julian – out


*mic drop*

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