As this is already my third blog post, and my tasks at work aren’t too exciting, I decided to write about the city I am staying in. Dublin is the capital of Ireland and is situated in the east of the country on the coast. With a bit more than 500,000 residents it is the highest populated city in Ireland. In this blog entry I will write about my opinions and about the way I experienced Dublin.


Already on our first weekend I noticed some things that are a bit different to what I am used to. For example: although less than 100,000 people speak Irish in Ireland every sign and every display shows information in both languages Irish and English, but you get used to this quickly. For me it feels like the Irish people are good in preserving their traditions. For example they have their own sports here, and they all love them. I guess some of you have heard about Hurling before, but have you ever heard about Gaelic football? Apparently it is a fusion of football and rugby. It is so weird as it looks like football at first  but from time to time a player just takes the ball or pushes another player.




I personally love literature and books. Ireland is the homeland of famous writers like John Swift, James Joyce and Oscar Wilde so Kathi and I decided to visit Dublin's Writers’ Museum, which is a little museum that offers visitors lots of information about various Irish writers.  As Kathi and I are both really into books and love bookstores we visited nearly all the bookstores in the centre of Dublin and it was definitely worth it, they are all so gorgeous and lovely. Each of these stores has its own charm and provides a huge variety of books, something that really surprised me at first is that most bookshops offer also second hand books, so you can get many books for less than €1.




I have to admit that I really fell in love with the country, I really enjoy it here. I love that the temperature is always around 20 degrees and I love that as the country isn’t too big one can see a lot of Ireland on a day trip. Therefore Kathi and I made 3 tours during our stay here, so we have seen quite a lot. Ireland is such a beautiful country with all its different shades of green and its hills and cliffs. So I can really recommend to make some day trips to other Irish cities and natural phenomes like the Giant’s Causeway.




Dublin is just great I think it is neither too big nor too small.  If you ever visit Dublin definitely go to Howth. It is gorgeous there. Once you get there you see the promenade with little cafes and restaurants which is really nice. When Kathi and I went there we didn’t expect too much and thought about taking a short walk. It turned out that the cliff walk is amazing, as you walk along in a field of flowers on the cliffs next to the ocean. Kathi and I even saw a seal, that was soo nice. I would have so much more to write about, but as nobody is interested in an endless blog post I am stopping here.


So if you are interested where you can stroke free living deer in Dublin, you have to wait a little bit for my last blog entry.



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    Kathi (Thursday, 08 August 2019 16:26)

    Hey Jana, thank you for the pictures :)

  • #2

    Graham Crewe (Thursday, 08 August 2019 20:53)

    It looks and sounds beautiful. You must be having a great time. Have you caught any live Irish pub music???


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