Welcome back, hoping all of you are having fabulous summer holidays. I just want to make sure everybody caught my sense of humour and the slightly satirical tone of the last blog.

After such a short time I have developed a routine and something like an everyday life, regarding both work and leisure time. I think all of you who are currently working abroad, know what I mean. With this routine you easily underestimate how fast four weeks fly by. This blog post is dedicated to work, although Jana already wrote about the company, I include some core information and my tasks.


As Jana already mentioned the Company we work in, is called Uniformal. Initially, I should have actually worked for another company, a supermarket chain similar to “Hofer”, but after some back and forth, I got informed that Jana and I would now work in the same company. Turns out that it is much more convenient that way, because we have the same routine and can explore the city together after work and don’t  have to wait for each other.

Uniformal produces handcrafted aprons for the B2C sector as well as work clothes, ready-to-wear suits and bespoke wear. These products are all made by hand, in the studio above the office. Over the years they have acquired a large customer base amongst the hospitality and drinking industry, which includes Guinness, Absolute Vodka, Hendrick’s Gin, Teeling Whiskey and many more.


As new member of the administration department, I am facing every day new challenges and have to overcome my inner fears. A part of my tasks includes answering the phone and calling suppliers and customers, which wasn't that easy at first, but now I answer the phone without any scruples. Furthermore I assist my colleague with the inventory accounting, as well as with incoming and outgoing deliveries. Currently I’m working with Jana on a marketing project, apart from my usual tasks. This brings a welcome change and new experiences. Since there’s only one week left, I’m curious if there are any new challenges to face.

Working in my opinion, definitely is one of the best possibilities to improve your language, because you interact closely with your colleagues and therefore talk a lot.


I hope you have had a good insight into my daily work. Enjoy your day and maybe have a look at my next blog post.

Keep a stiff upper lip and see you!



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    Graham Crewe (Thursday, 08 August 2019 20:43)

    Great blog post, thanks Katie


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