Weekends in The Netherlands

Hey everybody,


I'm sure you want to know how I spend my free time in the Netherlands. If yes, here is an entire blog post about it!




Rotterdam is a vibrant city. There are a lot of sights to visit and, as I told you in my first blog post, there is a lot to eat. I think by now I saw nearly everything in the city my host even said to me that I might know more places than him! For me, the best things about Rotterdam are the ships, and all the havens. I love watching them as they swim in the Maas and below the Erasmus bridge.

Don't forget to go to the Blijdorp Zoo, it is amazing!

From all the cities in the Netherlands I saw, Rotterdam is the best!

The Hague


The Hague is the seat of government from the Netherlands. It is so pretty and also very alive. The Hague has more "real" sights to see than Rotterdam. So I walked a lot there to see as many of them as possible. I went to the palace, the peace palace, the Binnenhof and many many more.

The Hague was also visible from the Euromast in Rotterdam.



Delft is lovely! There is no better word for this small and cute city. Delft is where the famous blue porcelain comes from. Furthermore, it is very traditional with all the old houses and a lot of cheese stores.



The locals here in Rotterdam have a rule: don't spend more than 24 hours a year in Amsterdam! And everybody is annoyed when people only visit Amsterdam and no other cities. I can understand why. Amsterdam is great, and you have to see it once. There are interesting places which are worth a visit. Nevertheless, Amsterdam is very crowded, and you don't get a Dutch feeling since everything is clustered with shops (mostly for tourists). The flair is missing somehow. Maybe I just got a wrong impression of Amsterdam, or I am becoming Dutch and start to boycott the capital.


If you ever visit Holland, make sure to visit more than Amsterdam, it totally pays off!

Food, Food and things I do


Apart from travelling, I usually explore Rotterdam. I walk a lot through the city, and I eat a lot. Finally, the weather got better, which means I can enjoy the sun now. In the evening I spend time with my host, if he is at home. We get along great and have a lot of fun.


I really enjoy my time here, and it is crazy how fast time flew by! There is just one more week left!


I hope you got an impression of how I spend my free time here.



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    Graham Crewe (Friday, 30 August 2019 08:50)

    I love that you know the place better than the locals! Enjoy your last days, Julie!


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