- 4 weeks later -

„ It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.”


This was a quote which I saw at nearly every bus stop to which I had been during Malta. Cute one and for this moment it fits very well my current situation. The last weeks went by so fast… and now I am sitting in the airplane back to Salzburg. Unbelievable!

However, here is a little resume of my impressions of Malta:



Malta is a beautiful country. It has almost 300 sun days per year and during my month abroad it never had less than 30 degrees. Furthermore, the capital city, Valetta, and the old capital city, Mdina, are really worth to be visited. Another beautiful “feature” about Malta, are the beaches, especially the perched ones. The water of the sea was on these really (really) salty and so clearly that you even could see your feet and the ground of the sea, like in the Blue Lagoon or Blue Grotto.. so awesome! Nether less every country has some flaws as well and in Malta it is definitely the (catastrophic) bus system. There were always too much busses when not needed and too less during the prime time. Great job Malta!



My Job

As I told you already in my second blog I was a waitress at Ray´s Lido. Because our bus just takes off every hour Max and I always had the chance to stay 30 minutes before work at the beach to relax… not that bad. Anyway, the weekends and on some special days were quite exhausting, because there was always so much to do and you have to be there for the costumer immediately (really a huge respect to those who are working in the gastronomie!!) Even though there were some rough days and the work was really demanding we had a great team to work with. The crew really grew on my heart and saying goodbye was really hard for me. I really will miss those guys! But at least I have one big reason to come back.



Our Apartment

Sarah, Max and I stayed in a self-catering apartment and even when there were quite some difficulties, we managed them very well. We didn’t have the cleanest bathroom or kitchen, but we made the best out of it and really got used to all the flaws. In the evenings we sometimes sit outside our balcony and played cards together, which was really fun. However, we also made kind of “friends” with our roommates from Finland and it turned out they were really shy but nice people and it was interesting talking to them.



To sum up my journey to Malta was really worth it. Even if the beginning was a bit difficult for me, in the end I did it quite well and I also think that I learned a lot and gained some experience during this four weeks.


That´s all coming from me. It was a cool adventure, but now I am really looking forward to see my family and friends again.


Thank you all for reading my blogs!



- Julie

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    Graham Crewe (Friday, 30 August 2019 08:59)

    Sounds like you had a lot of fun all in all.
    And you’ve learnt something about Finnish people: they’re not used to other people. Huge country, small population


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