2021 update

2021 Mobility update

Our first Erasmus+ participants set off in just 15 days on their adventures. So where are they going?

Well it's been a challenging 18 months by anyone's reckoning and we've done very well to get anybody away on an Erasmus+ internship this year. Right now it looks like we have 12 participants which is just incredible!


Problems and solutions


There have been a number of hurdles and problems to solve along the way, the latest of which is the Irish government not allowing workers to return to their offices until at least August. There's not a lot we can do with that information and it is clear that an internship abroad can't take place if the participants are working from their rented accommodation.
What is incredible about our partners is their honesty, openness and flexibility. By being all of those things, we have managed to switch two of our participants, Paul and Daniel from Dublin to Barcelona. A huge thanks to Mireia at Trainee+ Up in Barcelona for making this (hopefully) possible.


Right now we have the following internships confirmed:

  • Bettina excited about working in a kindergarten in Dublin
  • George going to work at Europan AD in Bulgaria 
  • David preparing to work at VW in Barcelona
  • Ingo looking forward to working at the Goethe Institute in Barcelona
  • Laura and Laura working at Escolàpies Llúria which is a foundation of schools in Barcelona
  • Lena and Anita preparing to work at Foundation Siel Bleu in Barcelona. This is a non-profit organisation working to promote the benefits of adapted physical exercise in people and improve people’s quality of life
  • Jonah heading off to Malta to work at St Publicus Corporate Services, a business which manages company registrations

And we're still waiting and hoping for:

  • Philip working in Dublin
  • Daniel and Paul working in Barcelona

I really mean this when I say a huge thank you to all the partner organisations who have made this possible, especially our agencies in Dublin and Barcelona this year: Internsplus and Trainee+Up.

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