Modern family in Barcelona (Anita Athary)

Barcelona has been quite adventurous up until now. The people that I am sharing an apartment with (Dani, Paul & Lena) and I have been experiencing quite a lot. However, in this blog I am not focusing on how it is to be a tourist, neither on how the work is like. This time I would like to go into detail on the social aspect of living together with other people in a foreign country

For all of us it was a new experience. So, practically we were thrown into cold water and had to figure out how to coordinate things by ourselves. To make it easier each one of us got a "role". So now I am the mother, Lena the daughter, Paul the son and Dani the dog - do not ask me why and how we decided on them, we just did or should I better say, it was meant to be. 

I was named mother probably because I carry the most responsibilities in the apartment or at least that is what they told me, when I asked for the reason. But it kind of makes sense, as I am the cook whenever we eat together (with the support of Lena), the guide whenever we step out of the apartment and generally a bit of coordinator. However, I cannot really tell you why Dani is our dog. I think you would have to ask Paul, because he was responsible for giving us our roles. 

Like any other family we like to spend time together and therefore try use our free time in the most efficient ways. Almost every evening we find ourselves trying out something new or seeing another area of Barcelona and if we do not feel like going out, we have dinner together and play games.

All in all, living together works quite smoothly and we have even become some kind of family - a modern family. 

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