Game of Drones


In the 3 weeks I'm already spending in Barcelona as part of the Erasmus + program, I've learned one thing. Drones are cool. 


Alright I knew this already before I arrived in Barcelona, but flying here is a completely new experience than in Austria. I feel like this does not really come down to the fact that here are better places to shoot drone videos, because this is just not true. Also Austria has incredibly beautiful places. Some landscapes in Austria are very unique and there is nothing similar to it on the earth. Like for example the Attersee in Upper Austria.


One thing that clearly makes it easier in Spain are the looser drone laws. Where in Austria in many places it is difficult to take off at all, here in Barcelona it seems to be tolerated a lot more to be able to take drone pictures even in public places.


I have already been able to take very cool shots with the drone in Austria, however, I did this mostly either from my own balcony or quite hidden in a field. If you make drone recordings in Austria even in broad daylight, there are either onlookers who do not leave you alone or people who are often referred to as Karens. But what is a Karen. The term Karen is a meme that first became a widespread term for women with certain behaviors in the late 2010s, initially in the United States. Today, the term Karen is used in a gender-neutral way and mainly describes people who can get very angry very quickly over small problems. 


I was able to get some very cool shots this week when we were at the beach this Tuesday and I took off from there and flew in the sunset. This would have been almost certainly impossible in Austria, because before I start the drone already someone would have complained about it. It is not my intention to disturb with my drone anyone's privacy or peace of mind, but only to make beautiful shots of the landscape. If someone feels bothered by it he or she can just tell me politely and I will try to make it better or if it does not work out to land.  Mostly, however, many such Karens only want to provoke a confrontation. 



In Spain, it seems to be quite different. A good example would be our trip to Sitges last Saturday. I had my drone with me that day and launched it in front of a church. It was still morning so not many people were there but some were. Instead of making a big fuss about the drone, most people didn't even care. Of course, some stopped to see it fly but then quickly went on again and I could make very beautiful shots there.

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