My 1st week in Ita... nope, QUARANTINE!!! (David)

My dear readers,


It is my great pleasure to welcome you back to season 2 of David's Erasmus experience. After reaching a wide readership of devoted fans regularly catching up with my Barcelona blogs from last year, the waiting for a sequel has finally come to an end: I'm back on the road and will take you to Italy with me for the next month! I know, my blogs are the one summer treat you've all been waiting for, so thank me later.


As already mentioned, this year brings me to Italy - more precisely to Florence in lovely Tuscany. Unlike last year, this time I will post my blogs in English instead of Spanish/Italian so I'll save us both the DeepL work ;)


Anyways, the key to a great story is a good start, which is why I went for an unconventional beginning for my internship abroad: 2 days before depature I tested positive for Covid - woohoo great!! Being quarantined for 10 days, this meant that there was no chance that I would go to Italy on Sunday as planned. I guess the timing for a Covid infection couldn't have been much worse than that... I was pretty sad at the beginning because I thought "alright, so that's it, no Italy for me" but as in most life situations I could somehow find a plan B: I just postponed the whole internship by one week. Luckily the agency and my employer were super kind and made that happen. So after 10 days of quarantine (where I was pretty sick by the way - Covid hit me pretty bad), I was finally able to take the FlixBus exactly 1 week after Jasmin. 


So that's it, season 2 is on. Stay tuned to find out whether Jasmin and Joshua will be an equally good adoptive family as Anita, Lena, Paul and Daniel. If you don't know what the heck I'm talking about, you better check out those Barcelona blogs from 2021 because they're fire (just like HAK 1 currently, lol). No seriously, read them. Now. Thanks :)


A presto!



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    Wiesi (Friday, 15 July 2022 19:12)

    Okey first things first, finaly this endless seeming dry spell of Erasmus+ blogs is over, very hyped for the new season and this blog is completely hitting it off ����

    Although I need to correct you. No matter how good Jasi and Joshua may be you can only have one real family (besides your real real family) and thats Anita, Lena, the Dog and me.

    I however do definitely agree with you that the spain blogs where just as hot as Hak1 right now, but this blog suggests that it just keeps on burning. Looking forward to your next blog ��


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