General · 07 November 2019
Following Julia Eder's success in the Europass photo competition (winning €400!), she has featured in a new social media video:

UK · 17 October 2019
Whilst our participants were doing their internships in Brighton, UK, we organised for a film-maker to make 4 social media videos of them. These are the videos.

UK · 17 October 2019
Whilst in Brighton, we organised for a photographer to visit four of our students to make social media videos and take some photos. These are the photos.

General · 12 October 2019
Friday 11 October was a day for celebrating Erasmus+ all across Europe. We held our big presentation day in school.

General · 08 October 2019
After our participants have returned from their work placements abroad, we ask them to complete a comprehensive survey. The data collected is then analysed and shared widely. This is that report for 2019!

General · 08 October 2019
All over Europe, 10-12 October are #erasmusdays in which Erasmus+ is celebrated in thousands of our events. This is our event: a celebration of our 2019 participants' achievements. Join us, either in person or via our livestream on Facebook.

General · 04 October 2019
In diesem Jahr hatten die Schüler des Erasmus+ Programms nicht nur die Möglichkeit Auslandserfahrungen zu sammeln, sondern auch an einem Europass Wettbewerb teilzunehmen. Dazu musste man ein Foto mit Mobi, dem Anti-Stress-Stern machen. Julia Eder und Julia Huber haben Fotos mit Mobi eingesendet und wurden zur Preisverleihung nach Wien eingeladen. Dieser Donnerstagnachmittag war nicht nur eine Verleihung, sondern auch eine Veranstaltung zum Europass mit geladenen Gästen und...

UK · 20 September 2019
Maybe you also ask yourself the question whether such an internship abroad is the right thing for you, as I asked myself. But afterwards I can say that it was the right decision and that I am really happy to have experienced something like this. If you are also thinking about going on such a journey but you are unsure at the same time, then you can read the following reasons why this was an enrichment for my life and can also be for you.

UK · 20 September 2019
I was in London twice during my stay in the UK. And to be honest, I didn't have any big expectations before as all major cities are similar for me. But I noticed very fast that London is more than just the Tower Bridge and the London Eye. It is a lively city with many different cultures and lots of sights. If you go for a walk in the bigger squares, you will meet a lot of talented entertainers, musicians, dancers, beatboxers and much more, who simply stand on the street with their instruments,...
UK · 18 September 2019
In my first week in Brighton, I noticed that everyone was talking about a big event that was going to take place at the weekend - the Pride. But in the beginning I didn't know exactly what it was until my host mother explained it to me. Brighton and Hove Pride is an annual event in the city of Brighton and Hove that promotes the equality and diversity of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. Since this community is not as publicly represented in Austria as it is in...

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