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UK (2018-19) · 16 May 2019
The first blog post from the lucky person selected to work for Pala Eyewear in Brighton this summer

UK (2018-19) · 16 May 2019
Yesterday, the founder of sustainable sunglasses designer, Pala Eyewear, interviewed our students for an internship post. Today they selected the winner...

UK (2018-19) · 15 May 2019
Partnering with Pala Eyewear - the sustainable sunglasses brand - for an internship in Brighton this summer.

UK (2018-19) · 21 August 2018
Last Saturday Julia and I decided to go to the Laines which is the city's historic quarter with a fabulous maze of twisting alleyways. We went to a lot of sweet shops and even tried some really delicious cupcakes. We also tried the typical English meal, fish and chips which was really good! After that we went to the beach and took some pictures near Brighton Pier. On Sunday we decided to explore Seven Sisters with three other students we met at Stages. We went by bus at 10 o'clock from...

UK (2018-19) · 15 August 2018
So many new things at once. Everything is different and I have already learnt a lot of new things in my first days in Brghton. On the first day we had a meeting at Stages, the Agency we are here with. They were very friendly and told us every important detail we need to know. We also met some people there from France and Italy. Right after our meeting we had to start work. I was nervous like I have never been before. But they are such friendly, kind and helpful people at WCA. I was introduced...

UK (2018-19) · 15 August 2018
Staying at a foreign house for four weeks is weird at first. I was scared how it will be and how the family will be. But Amila and I are really lucky. We arranged with our host family that we would arrive late on Sunday evening so they were kind to collect us from the bus stop. We were standing there hiding from the rain and terrible wind when our host-dad came towards us with a sun hat, waving to us and the biggest smile ever. They were immediately friendly and open-minded, they started...

UK (2018-19) · 14 August 2018
It is all about love. Sharing and Caring about other human beings and showing love to everyone no matter who they are. A lot of people forget about it and take love for granted. Especially when someone is just a little bit different like different religion, skin colour, they dress differently or have different interests, people get cruel and judge a lot about other people. It is like everyone wants to be accepted and loved the way they are but they do not treat people the same and then they...

01 August 2018
On Sunday 28th July, Julia and I went by coach to Brighton. The journey took us about two hours. When we arrived at Brighton it was raining very hard. Luckily our host family picked us up from the coach station. They drove us through Brighton and showed us the popular places but we couldn't see much because of the rain. When we got to their house they showed us our rooms and explained the rules. Then we ate supper together and got to know each other. After supper we went straight to bed as we...

UK (2018-19) · 01 August 2018
Doing something I like has always been important to me. It makes everything so much easier and it is nice to have fun at work. Because of that I decided that I want a job where I can help and do something good for the world. I‘m so lucky that I got a job at the World Cetacean Alliance where I can help to protect dolphins and whales. The people there are doing such a great job to help these amazing animals! On my first day of work they were really friendly and kind. They explained everything...


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