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Spain · 22 May 2019
I already fixed my internship in Madrid in December. Back then I thought it's a long way till we get there. But time goes by rapidly. Now there's just one more month to go...

Malta · 21 May 2019
Sweden? Brussels? No it's Malta. And on the beach!

UK (2018-19) · 16 May 2019
The first blog post from the lucky person selected to work for Pala Eyewear in Brighton this summer

UK (2018-19) · 16 May 2019
Yesterday, the founder of sustainable sunglasses designer, Pala Eyewear, interviewed our students for an internship post. Today they selected the winner...

UK (2018-19) · 15 May 2019
Partnering with Pala Eyewear - the sustainable sunglasses brand - for an internship in Brighton this summer.

General · 10 May 2019
Participants celebrate the successful Erasmus+ application

General · 07 October 2018
The 4th Class of HAK1 Salzburg are invited to attend an event in which they can find out about Erasmus+ and hear from the 2018 participants about their experiences. Your parents are very welcome too, as are the parents of the 2018 participants. We will also be live streaming the event on the school's Instagram account. See you there!

Spain · 15 July 2018
Because Lisa‘s host mother recommended us to visit the nearby city called Córdoba we went there this Saturday. After an 2 hour bus drive (2 hours of sleeping) we arrived in Córdoba. First we went to the Mezquita which is the most famous sight of Córdoba. This most beautiful example of the clash of cultures which took place in the realms of Andalucía in the past shows incredibly well how two so very different religions and peoples could create something this breathtaking together. Those...

Spain · 09 July 2018
¡Hola chicos! Yesterday I started a new chapter of my life. The journey began on Sunday 8th July at 5 am, when I left my village to go to Munich in order to catch my flight to Seville. I landed in Seville at 11.30 am and I met my host mother 2 hours later for the very first time. She is a really kind woman I must say. She‘s around 40 years old and has a daughter who is 12 years old (I haven‘t met her yet). Her husband is also really friendly. So now I come to the first big difference to...


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