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Spain · 22 May 2019
I already fixed my internship in Madrid in December. Back then I thought it's a long way till we get there. But time goes by rapidly. Now there's just one more month to go...

Spain · 18 May 2019
My Skype interview in Spanish 😬

Spain · 30 July 2018
Is it Gibraltar??? For solving this riddle you have to read our new blog! Es Gibraltar??? Para solver este enigma debes leer nuestro nuevo blog.

Spain · 09 July 2018
¡Hola chicos! Yesterday I started a new chapter of my life. The journey began on Sunday 8th July at 5 am, when I left my village to go to Munich in order to catch my flight to Seville. I landed in Seville at 11.30 am and I met my host mother 2 hours later for the very first time. She is a really kind woman I must say. She‘s around 40 years old and has a daughter who is 12 years old (I haven‘t met her yet). Her husband is also really friendly. So now I come to the first big difference to...


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