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Netherlands (2019) · 25 August 2019
How I spend my weekends here in Rotterdam and the rest of the Netherlands.

UK (2018-19) · 01 August 2018
Doing something I like has always been important to me. It makes everything so much easier and it is nice to have fun at work. Because of that I decided that I want a job where I can help and do something good for the world. I‘m so lucky that I got a job at the World Cetacean Alliance where I can help to protect dolphins and whales. The people there are doing such a great job to help these amazing animals! On my first day of work they were really friendly and kind. They explained everything...

UK (2018-19) · 01 August 2018
For me it is hard to try new things. I have always been a shy person and this never changed, it takes some time for me to settle in and to handle new things. When I noticed, I need to change something, I just should live the life I want to, I took this opportunity. I decided I will go to another country to gain experience, to improve my self-confidence and to learn a lot about another country. That is when the project started, thankfully our teacher worked hard for us to have the chance to work...

Finland (2018) · 27 July 2018
Tallinn, probably one of the most infamous and underestimated cities in Europe. That is totally worth your visit!

Spain · 15 July 2018
Because Lisa‘s host mother recommended us to visit the nearby city called Córdoba we went there this Saturday. After an 2 hour bus drive (2 hours of sleeping) we arrived in Córdoba. First we went to the Mezquita which is the most famous sight of Córdoba. This most beautiful example of the clash of cultures which took place in the realms of Andalucía in the past shows incredibly well how two so very different religions and peoples could create something this breathtaking together. Those...

Finland (2018) · 05 July 2018
Hallå Stockholm! – Today we finally arrived at the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden.


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