The first week in Dublin - Philip
Ireland · 04 August 2021
A Blog about my first days and my work place in Dublin

Betty at Safari Childcare Dublin
Ireland · 30 June 2021
From the 14th of August to the 10th of September 2021 I will be working at Safari Childcare in Dublin. My job will be to assist the manager Michelle and her team with the day to day activities in the center.

Ireland · 26 August 2019
Good morning everyone and welcome to my final blog entry. I hope all of you are enjoying the last two weeks of our summer holidays. I think all of us had an incredible time, whether we were abroad or stayed at home, hopefully everyone used the time to recharge themselves, because the next year is going to be intense. But let´s not talk about school, which begins early enough. This post should serve just two purposes, first of all I really want to thank Mr. Crewe for his time exposure and the...

Ireland · 12 August 2019
I can’t believe that 4 weeks are already over, it feels like it was yesterday that I arrived here. So, as this is my final post, I will review my experiences a bit. I think it was at the end of the 3rd class that Mr. Crewe first told us about the option to do an internship abroad. I can remember that I got very excited, because it sounded so great to have the opportunity to live and work in a different country for a month or longer. I decided to go to Dublin together with Kath. From my point...

Ireland · 08 August 2019
Welcome back. Today’s post I dedicate to the nature of Ireland. Before our journey even started Jana and I had one place we absolutely were looking forward to visit, Glendalough. After a week and some recommendations from our host family, we added more and more places to our list. With pride I can claim, that we have used the time efficiently, so we have seen a lot. Not only attractions from the city itself, but also the fantastic nature. As mentioned before, I will focus now on the...

Ireland · 07 August 2019
As this is already my third blog post, and my tasks at work aren’t too exciting, I decided to write about the city I am staying in. Dublin is the capital of Ireland and is situated in the east of the country on the coast. With a bit more than 500,000 residents it is the highest populated city in Ireland. In this blog entry I will write about my opinions and about the way I experienced Dublin. Already on our first weekend I noticed some things that are a bit different to what I am used to. For...

Ireland · 07 August 2019
Welcome back, hoping all of you are having fabulous summer holidays. I just want to make sure everybody caught my sense of humour and the slightly satirical tone of the last blog. After such a short time I have developed a routine and something like an everyday life, regarding both work and leisure time. I think all of you who are currently working abroad, know what I mean. With this routine you easily underestimate how fast four weeks fly by. This blog post is dedicated to work, although Jana...

Ireland · 24 July 2019
Are you as curious as me, about my first blog post? Yeah? Then let`s start. Folks, I hope all of you are enjoying the summer holidays, as much as I do. The first week has past and time flies. Since we arrived, Jana and I have seen, learned and experienced so many different and incredible things, without doubt I can say, it was one of the best decisions in my life so far. Surely you have all read the blog post from Jana, about our first few days ;) Nevertheless I want to add some information....

Ireland · 24 July 2019
I can't believe that this is already our second week in Dublin. Friday half of our time here is already over. First I have to correct something from my last blogpost. Fortunately it turned out that we don't have to pay 8 € per day for public transportation, as the fee gets cheaper every time we take a bus. Work: On Monday morning Kathi and I went to the agency for a short introduction in our internship program. Luckily we had the whole afternoon free to explore Dublin and to enjoy the sun,...

Ireland · 14 July 2019
After a long journey we (Kathi and I) finally arrived at the AirBnB in the city center of Dublin where we chose to stay the first 2 nights of our trip. Hungry after a three hour flight, we decided to visit a typical Irish pub, but as those are merely visited by tourists the prices were quite high. Nevertheless it was a really nice first evening accompanied by Irish folk music. As our accommodation was directly in the city center, we went to the typical tourist sights on Saturday. We were really...


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