Ireland · 14 August 2022
My time in Dublin is over. It feels weird to say that. At the time of writing I am already back home, looking back on my stay. To be honest, I was sad and happy to be leaving at the same time - you could say it was bittersweet. I was sad because I‘d had a great time and really loved it there but I was also happy because I was really looking forward to going home and seeing my family and friends again. First, let‘s look at what we were up to during our last week. I had work like usual, but...

Week 2 in Cork - Marie
Ireland · 31 July 2022
About my exciting second week in Ireland!

My 4th and last week in Cork - Maria
Ireland · 30 July 2022
Hi guys and welcome back to my final blog. I can not believe that my journey is already over... It feels like I arrived yesterday! Anyways I had an amazing and unforgettable time here and I was the happiest I have been in a while. If you ever think about doing an exchange, just do it! It is completely worth it. I was only here for 4 weeks but I have gained so much experience in these weeks and made even more great memories. I have not only improved my English skills but I have also improved my...

Isi's Ireland Chronicles - Chapter 4
Ireland · 30 July 2022
Hey and welcome back! Writing this feels very bittersweet, because I have to say goodbye tomorrow, but I want to tell you about my last week here :) It started with work. A lot of work. This week it was extremely busy in the Co-Working space. A lot of new people came in for a free trial day and many members came in as well. On top of that Esther and I were alone, because our boss was on leave. But we could ask him questions via email or whattsapp so everything went fine. It was a good challange...

Ireland · 28 July 2022
We‘re more than halfway there - week 3 in Dublin is over. In all honesty, Lea and I have really made the most of this week. For starters, we went to Phoenix Park on Wednesday 20th July. That‘s Europe‘s biggest enclosed park and it is truly magnificent. While it was once built as a hunting park, it is now a public park that is still inhabited by a big herd of red deer. Unlike the deer we have at home, they are very friendly and let you get incredibly close to them. It was fascinating. On...

My third week in Cork - Maria
Ireland · 27 July 2022
Ahhh my journey is almost over:/ I was really "busy" this week. On Monday I went rowing for the last time because the trainer went on holiday this week. It was awsome! I was finally able to row in the single and it was a great experience!! In the evening my Laptop broke upsii but Isi is lending me hers for writing my blogposts;) On Tuesday I wrote postcards for my friends and my family (stamps are so expensive here 2,20€/postcard). In the evening we ate ice cream in the city centre and did...

Isi's Ireland Chronicles - Chapter 3
Ireland · 25 July 2022
Hey and welcome back! Week three has passed and if you want to know what happened keep on reading ;) During the week I was busy with work. My colleague and I pretty much worked on the same tasks as last week. Funny story from work: In the second week we got a new coffee machine where you have to put the milk in a separate "bottle". We forgot to put it in the fridge while no one was making coffee... can you imagine what happened? The milk turned to pudding :) Funny thing is - this happened three...

Week 1 in Cork - Marie
Ireland · 23 July 2022
About my first week in Cork and one unplanned evening in Amsterdam.

Ireland · 22 July 2022
Hi and welcome back to my blog! It’s been two weeks since I arrived in Dublin and I can honestly say that I love it here. Aside from my work placement, which could not be more perfect, I have also fallen in love with the city and the Irish culture. Unfortunately, during the week I don’t have much time to look at any sights or do much else - I leave the house at 7am and don’t get back until after 6pm. However, I still have plenty of time on the weekends and have managed to squeeze in some...

My second week in Cork - Maria
Ireland · 18 July 2022
Hi guys, welcome back to my blog! Wow... another week is already over and that means halftime for my trip. I had an amazing week! I spent most of my freetime with 4 girls from germany who are also here with the Erasmus+ Programme. Esther and Danine are here for 4 weeks like Isi and me and Hannah & Jule are here for 6 months. From Monday to Thursday we did not do anything special except work and I did my sport stuff again. On Friday we ate dinner with the girls and had an ice cream...

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