Malta · 27 August 2019
„ It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end.” This was a quote which I saw at nearly every bus stop to which I had been during Malta. Cute one and for this moment it fits very well my current situation. The last weeks went by so fast… and now I am sitting in the airplane back to Salzburg. Unbelievable! However, here is a little resume of my impressions of Malta: Malta Malta is a beautiful country. It has almost 300 sun days per year and...

Malta · 26 August 2019
I am afraid this blog post is not coming from hot and sunny Malta but from Salzburg. Due spare time I did not find the time to write it back in Malta. Now back in Salzburg the whole trip still feels really close (which also might be caused, by me coming home just yesterday evening after 10 hours of traveling) The last week in Malta flew by, just as the 3 previous weeks, from Monday to Thursday I had to work. On Thursday evening me and some colleagues from my company went for some goodbye...
Malta · 21 August 2019
In the last few weeks I visited some very beautiful and charming places here. So I will just continue to talk about some places which I really enjoyed to experience so far.

Malta · 20 August 2019
The last week already started and I hardly believe that there are only five more nights until I arrive at home. The last week was full of action and wonderful sights. On Monday the week started as usual with work and went on like this till Wednesday. Thursday was a public holiday in Malta, where Leo and I went once again to Imġiebaħ Bay, where it was way too windy to go into the sea but still stunning to see. In the evening Julia, Max our Finish roomies and I went to the Summer Daze festival...

Malta · 19 August 2019
I can not believe that the last week of my internship has already started. The last three weeks flew by likenothing. After waiting a whole week for my new update here it comes: On Tuesday, there was a so to say Team building exercise. Me and my team (peoples operation) went to a pretty exclusive beach bar where everything was included from drinks to food. It tasted fantastic. On Wednesday there is nothing much to tell you about, so I am just going to jump forward to Thursday, which was a public...

Malta · 14 August 2019
To be honest I love my working place, even if there are some difficulties. The thing is that the difficulties don't come with the work itself, they come with the place and the SUPER GREAT bus system in Malta (sarcasm). 13,4 kilometers and it takes me one and a half hours to get to my work! I mean I start at 9 am but I have to get up at 6:30 am to be punctual. Now I complained enough and want to give you some impressions about my working place. The National Council of Women of Malta (NCW) was...

Malta · 12 August 2019
Sorry for letting you wait so long for my blog post, working and laying in the sun kept me really busy. You are probably eager to find out what I did the last two weeks, so before I tell you about my leisure time I am going to tell you something about my work placement. As I already told you in my last blog post, I am a receptionist at Jackpot Joy Group (a online gambling company) and I really like my job. I am responsible for packages, letters, setting meetings as well as for the lunch...
Malta · 10 August 2019
It´s halftime friends! That means we already managed the first two weeks here in Malta. Unbelievable but true. However, because I already have been here for a while and therefore have been working since two weeks, I would like to tell you a little bit about my work at the beachclub, Ray´s Lido. First of all, we started at the Lido on the 30th of July at 10 o´clock in the morning, pretty nice because we could sleep a litte bit longer than we thought. Then we went by bus to our working place,...

Malta · 06 August 2019
The first week is already over and I´ve got 1000 different impressions. To be honest, the start wasn't easy. A driver picked us up from the airport and brought us to our apartment where an unpleasant surprise was waiting for us because the apartment we moved into was pretty dirty and our roommates avoided us. To process the shock, we went to the beach and enjoyed a bottle of wine with which the thing was only half as bad. The following day we spent at the beach in Imġiebaħ which was 40...

Malta · 03 August 2019
The end is near, four weeks are almost finished. It’s crazy how fast time flies by when you’re enjoying oneself. Anyway, other than my previous blog this one will deal with my internship in Malta. To be honest, I didn’t expect too much when I first heard about my work placement at the “Cynergi Health and Fitness Club”, because I hardly couldn’t imagine how this job will contribute to improve my business skills. However, it turned out to be way better than expected.

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