Spain · 16 August 2019
Travel, Work, Colleagues, accomodation, experience, recommendations...

Spain · 05 August 2019
In a previous blog post I already told you that I am going to spend my last weekend in Barcelona. And so I did. As I only booked my flights and hostel 2 days before departure, it turned out a little more expensive but, well, I was going anyways.

Spain · 01 August 2019
Everybody wants a happy ending, right? But it doesn't always roll that way.

Spain · 29 July 2019
2 more weeks to go... My friends and family visited for a weekend and we had an awesome time together. Furthermore, there were some changes in my job. Find out about it.

Spain · 23 July 2019
Since I fixed my internship back in December, I knew I want to see as much as possible in those 6 weeks. Therefore, I planned weekend trips to various cities. As I´ve been here more than 3 weeks already, I´ve had enough time to visit some other cities.

Spain · 23 July 2019
So – for the first time ever I've felt the Monday mood like never before. Like, really, everything that could go wrong DID go wrong. I was still feeling a little sick from the weekend – which is the reason why I still haven't seen a beach. :| And if that wasn’t enough I also overslept in the morning and therefore missed my bus to work. Would be that bad if the next one wasn't scheduled at 13:30 which would mean that I'd only spend one hour at work once I'd arrived. So I had to contact...

Spain · 23 July 2019
Volveré a Austria este fin de la semana. Aunque llegué en Sevilla hace poco tiempo ya estoy acostumbrada a mi vida (relajada) aquí. He conocido a personas maravillosas y les voy a extrañar muchísimo. Sea como sea, el sentido de este blog no es que yo puedo llorar sobre mi situación así voy a contaros sobre mi fin de semana pasada: Tal vez podéis recordaros que he mencionado en mi entrada de blog anterior que iré a Córdoba con una chicha a la que conocí hace dos semanas. Nosotros...

Spain · 19 July 2019
I must say – this new task really makes the time go by fast. Like, the second week is already over! Last week, my task was kind of tiring me out. Not because it was boring or anything – there was just way too much to read. I had to find companies, that are providing the same services as the company I am working at. Shouldn’t be a big problem, unless you should only find companies in one specific part of Europe while most of those you find aren’t those you NEED. However, I still somehow...

Spain · 16 July 2019
The thought of going to a foreign country for 6 weeks all on my own didn`t bother me at all. Quite the contrary, I was extremely hyped to go there and live on my own for the first time. I always thought that I wouldn`t mind being alone and it wouldn´t bother me that I had nobody near. Turned out to I was wrong. In the last 2.5 weeks I experienced that I am more of a person which needs friends and family around. Which usually is not a bad thing. Well, but right now it is… at least a little bit….

Spain · 16 July 2019
Si alguien me habría dicho que una de mis tareas en mi trabajo sería llamar clientes por teléfono *EN ESPAÑOL* no lo habría creído. Sin embargo ahora esto es el caso. Primero me sentí muy incómoda y no quise hacerlo porque todavía el acento de los Sevillanos me parece extraño. Sea como sea, también me gustan los retos así pues aprovechaba la ocasión. No puedo negar que las primeras veces eran un poco embarazosas pero con cada llamado gano más confianza en mi español. También en...

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