UK (2018-19)

UK (2018-19) · 17 October 2019
Whilst our participants were doing their internships in Brighton, UK, we organised for a film-maker to make 4 social media videos of them. These are the videos.

UK (2018-19) · 17 October 2019
Whilst in Brighton, we organised for a photographer to visit four of our students to make social media videos and take some photos. These are the photos.

UK (2018-19) · 20 September 2019
Maybe you also ask yourself the question whether such an internship abroad is the right thing for you, as I asked myself. But afterwards I can say that it was the right decision and that I am really happy to have experienced something like this. If you are also thinking about going on such a journey but you are unsure at the same time, then you can read the following reasons why this was an enrichment for my life and can also be for you.

UK (2018-19) · 20 September 2019
I was in London twice during my stay in the UK. And to be honest, I didn't have any big expectations before as all major cities are similar for me. But I noticed very fast that London is more than just the Tower Bridge and the London Eye. It is a lively city with many different cultures and lots of sights. If you go for a walk in the bigger squares, you will meet a lot of talented entertainers, musicians, dancers, beatboxers and much more, who simply stand on the street with their instruments,...
UK (2018-19) · 18 September 2019
In my first week in Brighton, I noticed that everyone was talking about a big event that was going to take place at the weekend - the Pride. But in the beginning I didn't know exactly what it was until my host mother explained it to me. Brighton and Hove Pride is an annual event in the city of Brighton and Hove that promotes the equality and diversity of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. Since this community is not as publicly represented in Austria as it is in...

UK (2018-19) · 10 September 2019
I worked for 4 weeks at the World Cetacean Alliance. For the people who don't know, The WCA is the world’s largest marine conservation partnership. In the beginning I wasn't so impressed about my job but it turned out that i loved it. I imagined the office to be very different at first than it was. I expected more people to work there and the office not to be at any special location. But it was completely different. My office was right on the beach and a bit smaller. The great part was that...

UK (2018-19) · 04 August 2019
Here it is, the end of my internship. I was the last one to go back home as I decided to stay for 5 weeks and not for 4 weeks like everybody else did. Some people asked me if I regretted my decision but my answer was always the same: No! So when my colleagues Annika, Stef, Dani, Andi and Jules left I had already made plans for the last weekend. I visited the South Downs National Park which was approximately 60 minutes away from Brighton. It was a beautiful scenery and the absolute highlight was...

UK (2018-19) · 03 August 2019
4 weeks can sometimes feel like 4 days. The time here in Brighton passed so quickly yet we experienced so much and visited a lot of places. I really enjoyed the stay but honestly, I cannot wait to come back home and spend the rest of my summer holidays with a lot of sunshine and 30°C + degrees. Not that the weather was bad quite contrary we only had 2 rainy days but in the evenings it tends to get really cold and you’ll definitely need a jacket. Turning 18 in England is also something...

UK (2018-19) · 02 August 2019
It was actually a normal, not exciting working week, except Friday. After my lunchbreak at 2pm it started raining IN THE OFFICE. We had a burst pipe. We tried to save the computers and some important documents, we covered the tables and got trash bins and containers. After about 10 minutes the fire alarm went off. Catastrophe! We had to leave the office and we were allowed to go home. The rest of the day was really fun, Hannah and I visited the Pier and rode roller-coaster, …. On Saturday we...
UK (2018-19) · 02 August 2019
On two Saturdays we went to London with the train, luckily the drive from Brighton to London takes only about an hour. We visited the most important sights like the Buckingham Palace, London Eye,… Of course we went shopping, looked at the new Tottenham Stadium, but of course no club is better than Red Bull Salzburg. After the sightseeing we met with the boys, went to a park with them. On the second Saturday we went clubbing, we had a good time. I imagined the clubs in London differently, but...

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