General · 22 June 2019
Friday 21 June was Notenschluss (grades deadline) for most of the HAK1 Salzburg. But for the 29 participants of HAK1 Works Abroad, our Erasmus+ project, it was Team-Building Day. We gathered at the Kletterhalle Salzburg at 8:30 for a series of challenges, both mental and physical, under the headline “Adventure”. Led by Carolina, Stefan and Markus,our participants worked in teams and individually as they, often for the first time, scaled rock faces, bouldered, memorised routes, abseiled and...

General · 19 June 2019
It's always great to find out how our Erasmus+ project has added to the lives of participants. Here's one short story.

General · 16 June 2019
At a Maturafeier last week, I had a great conversation with a parent who told me this. In German. Her daughter was a HAK1 Works Abroad 2018 participant.

General · 10 May 2019
The frustration of waiting for Erasmus+

General · 10 May 2019
Participants celebrate the successful Erasmus+ application

General · 09 May 2019
It's been a very long wait, but we heard this afternoon that our project has been confirmed. The adventure starts here!

General · 26 April 2019
We are just 5 days away from receiving confirmation that our 2019 project has been accepted by our Erasmus+ National Agency. Tense times! With 29 students preparing to work abroad this summer there will be a lot of work to do in the days and weeks ahead as we work with our agencies to find work placements. CVs, application letters and other forms have been completed. The participants can look forward to some Skype interviews soon. Fingers crossed!
General · 08 December 2018
Participants were required to complete a lengthy survey by Erasmus+, in addition to our internal survey which has already been published. Here are selected results from this survey.

General · 30 November 2018
We conducted a survey amongst our 2018 Erasmus+ participants. Here are the results in full.

General · 12 October 2018
Find out how to sign up for an Erasmus+ internship abroad for 2019.

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